About Smartcoat

Our expertise minimizes environmental damage, because we do not use abrasives, generating only waste removed from the surfaces. From Outubro/2013, we totaled 107 waterjet nozzles operating in our structure. Also ...
Areas of Expertise

With offices based in Taubaté - SP and Branch in Macae - RJ, provides on-shore and off-shore platforms in Maritime Exploration and Production of Oil, Ship oil, especially for Petrobras, with key services ...

We understand that the search for continuous improvement of our processes will be the basis for our sustainability. Despite market opportunities, maintain the policy we are a company that specializes in industrial painting ...

Smartcoat a national company, which seeks high performance in its services, meeting all technical requirements and certifications required by field of activity being most of them portant ISO 14001:2004.


QHSE Integrated Management Policy Providing Services Sandblasting, Painting and Industrial Hydroblasting On Shore and Off Shore, Committed to Quality, Safety, Environment and Health, Valuing and Preserving Welfare and Handling Form Fit and Just Your Human Capital, Preventing Disease and Injury, minimizing the Risks of Personal Injuries.

Rod. Amaral Peixoto - KM 183.5, nº 4885
Barreto - Macaé - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
CEP: 27.965-250
Telefax: +55 (22) 2757-9500
Rua Duque de Caxias, nº 331 Sala 711
Centro - Taubaté - São Paulo - Brasil
CEP: 12020-050
Telefax: +55 (12) 3635-1447