" The SMARTCOAT - ENGENHARIA EM REVESTIMENTOS LTDA is a company specialized in services Surface Preparation and Painting of Ships and Offshore Platforms Oil .

With organizational restructuring BLASTING - PINTURA INDUSTRIAL LTDA , all equity , and Certification of Technical Collection Activities Surface Preparation and Paint Maintenance of Offshore Platforms and Vessels Oil and derivatives were transferred to the new company , today SMARTCOAT - ENGENHARIA EM REVESTIMENTOS LTDA.

By being focused on offshore services , has in its main water jetting surface preparation process , activity which minimizes environmental damage , considering that does not require abrasive , generating only waste removed from the surfaces .

We are now in Brazil one of the companies with the highest number of waterjet equipment, totaling 147 operational nozzles December/2014. Also we have various accessories Hydrojetting, including 04 robotic units with waste collection. Our production capacity is approximately 10.290 m² / day Hydrojetting.

For application of paints we have enough equipment , including 4 units of 30 conventional airless mix and airless , with large gains in quality and productivity . "


Area of expertise

The SMARTCOAT – ENGENHARIA EM REVESTIMENTOS LTDA, with head office in Taubaté - SP and Branch in Macaé - RJ, provides on-shore and off-shore platforms in Maritime...

Smartcoat a national company servicing Sandblasting, Painting and Industrial Hydroblasting On Shore and Off Shore, Committed to Quality, Safety, Environment and Health ...


Rod. Amaral Peixoto - KM 183.5, nº 4885
Barreto - Macaé - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
CEP: 27.965-250
Telefax: +55 (22) 2757-9500
Rua Duque de Caxias, nº 331 Sala 711
Centro - Taubaté - São Paulo - Brasil
CEP: 12020-050
Telefax: +55 (12) 3635-1447